Think about the most important elements of your problem to be able to state them clearly. You can also write them down – it will certainly make our conversation smoother.

Prepare and take with you what you to the meeting what you consider important in the case – documents, notes, plans, photos or summons from the Court.

Put down your questions  – so we can discuss them all

We will have an hour to talk calmly – if we need to discuss the matter in more detail or in new aspects, we will also arrange the next meeting

Not every legal situation can be discussed in an hour – that’s why longer meetings happen – and hence delays.

If something sudden turns up, something that requires a very urgent consultation or assistance – tell us immediately, we will act in a non-standard mode.

Remember that if the Court gives you a deadline, you must adhere to it – and it is very important. When arranging a meeting, let us know that there is a need to respond to a court summons and whether a deadline has been assigned to you, so that we can act in time.