About me: Natalia Ołowska-Czajka


I am an adwokat (attorney) based in Warsaw, Poland, who also helps parties resolve their legal disputes through mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution and I use technology in my to make it more effective and accessible to my clients.

I operate my Kancelaria Adwokata i Mediatora in Poland.

My businesses are built to assist clients all over the world resolve their family, civil, and business legal disputes in and out of court, not excluding the criminal aspects, whenever they come in the way. I have an extensive court experience which I combine with good communication and listening skills. I speak Polish as my mother tongue and I am fluent in English, Spanish, German and Russian. I was studying law of England and Wales as well as Spanish law in the respective languages.

As a fellow in the International Academy of Family Lawyers and a founding member of the Asociación Internacional de Juristas de Derecho de Familia (AIJUDEFA), I am proud to have helped clients worldwide from over 30 countries.

I developed a passion for assisting families navigate challenging international family law matters. In 2004, after obtaining the top score in my attorney qualification exam, I became a recognizable legal representative, speaker, and scholar. I lectured on the law at the Warsaw University of Technology and appeared before English and American courts as a legal expert, including in New York, Illinois, and Texas.


Due to my passion of helping parties resolve their legal disputes outside of the courtroom, I co-founded InstantMediations.com, an online mediation platform that helps connect mediators around the world with remote parties through the power of video communications. Follow InstantMediations’ LinkedIn Company Page and YouTube Channel to know more.

If you are a mediator, I invite you to join our InstantMediations Facebook Group, and encourage you to create your free Mediator Profile Page on the InstantMediations.com website.


Don’t forget to check out the latest book I co-authored with Mac-Arthur Pierre-Louis on the topic of online mediations titled How to Mediate Online: Procedural Guidelines and Best Practices to Help Mediators Succeed in Online Mediations. Now available in English, Spanish, and Polish.

Please call my offices if I can be of help on your legal matter and be sure to follow me on my LinkedIn, Twitter, and YourFamilyLawyer YouTube Channel, to stay connected. Best of luck!